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Help Your Parent Decorate a Senior Living Apartment

furnished living room with dark oak bookshelves

When mom or dad has decided to move to a senior living community, you want to help your loved one feel at home. While moving your parent may come with mixed emotions, it’s a great time to get organized, reduce clutter, and redecorate.

As you set up his or her new place, include both the old and the new. With the right mix, you’ll be able to decorate a senior living apartment and create a warm, comfortable, and safe home. Use these five tips to help you decide what to include.

Keep It Safe and Functional

First of all, your parent’s home should be safe and easy to use. What does your parent’s daily routine include? Pay attention to the placement and organization of these important items. You want everything easily in reach.

When it comes to safety, think about falls. According to the World Health Organization, more than 37 million people require medical attention from a fall each year. Leave plenty of room to navigate through furniture. Consider the placement of area rugs or cords. And, be sure there’s enough lighting, especially for visibility at night.

Think Less Is More

When moving from a family home to an apartment, you’ll have to consider space and size. Be sure your loved one’s furniture pieces are the right scale for smaller rooms. Consider if your parent has duplicate items that are no longer needed. Too many items can make mom or dad’s new place feel small.

If there are a lot of items to sort through, get other family or friends involved. Your parent’s move is the perfect time to decide what is really important to them. Then, let go of the rest.

Bedroom inside a senior apartment at Autumn Leaves senior living community

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Incorporate Photos and Art

One of the best ways to make a new place feel like home is through photos and art. Surround your loved one with photos of family, friends, or places they’ve been. In addition, choose a few key pieces of art that have a special meaning.

If your parent has a large number of photos, help by converting them to digital files. To make them easy to browse, use an online service to print photo books that include all of mom or dad’s favorites.

Decorate With Plants

Be sure to include a few plants in your loved one’s apartment. They’re not only a great way to add to the décor, but they also may benefit mom or dad’s well-being. In fact, studies have shown a link between green leafy plants and a boost in mood.

If your parent already has many plants at his or her home, help select a few to make the move. Pick smaller indoor plants that are easy to maintain. Then, you might suggest donating any others to local organizations or schools.

Make Room for Guests

Overall, it’s people who will make your parent’s new place a home. So, decorate his or her apartment in a way that encourages visitors. Be sure there’s a place to sit and talk in the living room or a comfortable place to share a meal. Consider small touches like a side table where a guest can set his or her drink.

Most important, you want to make sure the pieces in your parent’s home reflect his or her story. This is a great way to let guests see his or her unique interests and make a connection.

If you need help with furniture or decorating, Nickson Living can furnish your apartment for a nominal fee.

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