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Short-Term Rehabilitative Care vs. Long-Term Skilled Care: What Are the Differences?

A nurse hands a tray of food to a senior women.

Every rehabilitation journey is unique. Knowing the correct type of treatment for your specific situation is key. After an injury, fall, or other issues, it’s crucial to assess the situation and determine if short-term rehabilitative or long-term skilled care is needed. Understanding the benefits of both types of care can help you better assess your needs when speaking with your physician.

What is Short-Term Rehabilitative Care?

Short-term rehabilitative care can include any of these types of services:

  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Skilled nursing (if needed on a short-term basis)

The goal of any short-term care after an injury is to help you improve your body strength and help you return to normal functioning without any lasting issues. This kind of rehab service involves treatment sessions geared toward fixing a specific injury, surgery, accident, or illness.

What makes short-term rehabilitative care different from long-term skilled care? Short-term rehabilitative care provides:

  • Defined outcomes
  • Temporary inpatient stay
  • Transitions from the hospital to home
  • Home or on-site therapy sessions
  • Resolution in a short time frame

What is Long-Term Skilled Care?

Long-term skilled care is a type of treatment for individuals suffering from:

  • Chronic disease
  • Chronic illness
  • Debilitating condition or disability

If you require long-term care, it usually involves a move to a skilled nursing facility to receive the treatments you need and the support you require in handling activities associated with daily living.

What makes long-term skilled care different from short-term rehabilitative care? Long-term care provides:

  • Support with activities associated with daily living
  • Treatment of chronic symptoms
  • Inpatient treatments tailored to specific needs
  • Ongoing observation, support and evaluation
  • Treatments and programs geared toward improved quality of life

What is a Skilled Nursing Facility?

At Autumn Leaves in Dallas, our skilled nursing facility offers personalized short- term rehabilitative care as well as long-term care for people who need 24/7 skilled care. Through an interdisciplinary team of health care providers, including doctors, nurses and specialists, you or your loved one can get support with daily care.

Our staff is highly trained and dedicated to helping residents feel a sense of independence, respect, and dignity throughout their short- or long-term care. Our goal is to create a consistent, comfortable experience that our skilled nursing residents can rely on day after day.

In Autumn Leaves skilled nursing residents benefit from:

  • Transportation to doctor appointments
  • Weekly wound physician visits
  • Pain management and rehab assistance on-site
  • Continuing education and training for staff members

Learn More About Rehabilitation and Long-term Skilled Care at Autumn Leaves

At Autumn Leaves, our small community and specialized care give you or your loved one the one-on-one attention you deserve. We’re here to talk with you more about your short-term rehabilitation or long-term skilled care needs. We’ll work with you to understand your specific situation and goals, and do everything we can to meet and exceed your expectations.

​​If you or your loved one are looking for a skilled nursing facility near you, call 214-328-4161 or contact us today to learn more about the skilled nursing care at Autumn Leaves.