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How Assisted Living Helps Senior Caregivers Too

January 15, 2021

Assisted living communities can offer many benefits to seniors who need extra care. And your senior loved one’s health is central to your choice. However, you may not have considered how assisted living helps senior caregivers too.

Assisted living communities can offer many benefits to seniors who need extra care. And your senior loved one’s health is central to your choice. However, you may not have considered how assisted living helps senior caregivers too.

One of the most common effects of long-term caregiving is burnout. Assisted living often helps caregivers find a renewed sense of balance. Here are five ways that choosing assisted living can be positive for you as a caregiver.

How Assisted Living Helps Caregivers

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Reduces your isolation

We often focus on how assisted living meets the social needs of the resident. And it does in many ways. But the need for connection is vital for you as well. It’s very common for caregivers to feel lonely or isolated.

The CDC says adults who feel lonely have higher health risks in some areas. Studies show a link between isolation and dementia, mental health, and more. By giving your loved one built-in social activities, it gives you more time to connect too. This in turn improves your well-being.

Gives you peace of mind

Many caregivers talk about safety concerns. Is my loved one at risk for a fall? How can I make the home easy to get around? What if I’m not there in an emergency? This adds to the stress of daily caregiving.

The National Council on Aging says that each year 1 in 4 older adults has a fall. So these worries are valid. However, assisted living can put them to rest. Assisted living communities help give caregivers peace of mind that their loved one is safe. Communities have steps in place for security and safety. Even more, there’s always help nearby.

Takes away the stress of daily tasks

As a caregiver, you wear many hats. Most caregivers spend several hours a week caring for the home. Tasks such as meal prep, cleaning, or laundry take time. It’s likely you’re helping with your loved one’s personal care too. These include help to eat, bathe, walk, or go to the toilet. In addition, caregivers often manage health needs like medications.

When you feel like your to-do list never ends, assisted living communities can offer relief. Assisted living helps senior caregivers let go of many daily care needs. And, many times, you can choose the types of help your loved one needs.

Allows you to focus on being a family member first

Caregiving may change the way you see your role in the family. That is to say, you may get so focused on giving care instead of enjoying time with your loved one. It can be hard to find the right balance between giver and recipient. It may also affect how siblings or other family members interact. Many families find it tough to divide roles.

With assisted living communities, your loved one is cared for by health providers who specialize in this type of senior care. As a result, you’re able to focus on your role as a family member instead of caregiver. When you aren’t worried about dozens of senior care tasks, you get more quality time together.

Helps improve your health

By resolving many common concerns for caregivers, assisted living reduces overall stress. And less stress is good for your health. Specifically, studies show long-term stress affects both physical and mental health. The Office on Women’s Health says this puts you at a higher risk for many chronic health conditions.

All in all, you can’t care for your loved one if you aren’t caring for yourself. When you’re burnt out or overwhelmed, it’s time to get help. Some caregivers find short-term respite care helps. Others may need a long-term option like full-time assisted living communities. So get to know more about your senior care options. You may find it’s not only right for your loved one but a good choice for you too.

When you’re ready to learn more about assisted living in Dallas, Autumn Leaves is here. See how we help your loved one keep independence while getting the care they need.



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