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COVID-19 and Senior Living at Autumn Leaves: Protecting Your Loved One

April 21, 2020

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As cases of the new coronavirus—or COVID-19—grow, you want to protect the seniors in your life in the best way possible. This is especially true for our loved ones residing in senior living communities. You may even be wondering if your loved one would be safer in a senior living community, living at home, or living with you. COVID-19 and senior living; does it make sense?

As you evaluate these options, you may be asking yourself many questions. Would Mom or Dad be safe living alone? Could I be a full-time caregiver? What are the benefits of my loved one living in a senior living community (e.g., Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing) during this time? Each family has to balance the benefits and risks to help make the right decision for them.

Physical well-being

Exercise at Autumn LeavesTo begin with, consider how well-prepared you’d be to provide care for the physical needs and medical conditions at home. And think through how you’d get more medical care if it’s needed. In some cases, you may find that acquiring access is more complex during this time.

At Autumn Leaves, our caregivers specialize in providing for the needs of our residents. They have special skills and training to support them. For example, some factors that might make senior living care a safer choice include:

  • Multiple or chronic medical conditions, like kidney, heart, or lung conditions
  • Physical limits or the need for help with daily living
  • Need for a home with safety equipment like grab bars in the bathroom or modifications in the kitchen
  • Medication management
  • Memory conditions that may create confusion if your loved one changes locations
  • Concerns about mobility if your home has stairs or other potential physical hazards

Emotional health

Staying Connected at Autumn LeavesIt’s hard to be away from those we love. And it’s normal and natural to worry about your loved one. Bringing Mom or Dad home will provide in-person time with the family. On the other hand, while residing at a senior living community, your loved one will still be able to connect with your family. Taking advantage of today’s technology, it’s easier than ever before to let residents stay in touch with those they love.

Living in a senior living community enables your loved one to engage with our staff in more creative ways. A change in location to a family home could bring mixed feelings about a new daily routine or in a loss of personal space.

You’ll also have to weigh your loved one’s well-being when the pandemic has slowed. Will your loved one move in with you for a short period of time and then move again to senior living? Will this additional transition cause even more emotional stress?

And don’t forget to consider your emotional health too. Being a full-time caregiver—especially with no outside resources—can be physically and emotionally hard for everyone.

Social support

Hallway Bingo at Autumn LeavesEven with social distancing, Autumn Leaves has a robust, built-in social support team. The team provides connections with others on a daily basis. During this time, we’re providing care and hosting activities—just in a more creative way.

Working within CDC guidelines, we’ve created a personalized experience with dining delivery that preserves social distancing, grocery delivery for residents and employees to minimize risk, and virtual ways to connect residents with loved ones and each other.

Residents participate in activities such as virtual field trips to museums and national parks, in-room exercise programs, and other engaging activities. Consider if you’ll be able to provide this same level of support at home.

Security and safety

If someone in your home gets sick, you may not have the protection you need or the ability to isolate them from your senior loved one. Autumn Leaves already has many measures in place to keep residents safe and reduce the risk of exposure. We’ve also added several new precautions, including:

Protecting Our Residents at Autumn Leaves

  • Taking every employee’s temperature upon arrival
  • Requiring masks and gloves at all times for employees
  • Limiting exposure by not allowing outside visitors
  • Cleaning all surfaces several times to maintain a safe environment

We understand this situation can cause feelings of uncertainty and worry. We’re committed to the work we do every day to ensure the health and safety of our residents and employees.

Here for your loved one during the coronavirus

From physical to emotional to social support, Autumn Leaves can provide your loved one with invaluable resources. This is still true even during a period of crisis brought about by COVID-19.

The current situation brings challenges. However, our experienced team members continue to serve residents in an attempt to bring normalcy to their daily lives. With a little creativity, Autumn Leaves is providing the same quality and care that we’ve always provided. And that means it’s a safe place for your loved one to be.

At Autumn Leaves, our focus is on social connections, staying active, and remaining engaged. We’re providing many activities, such as hallway exercises, outdoor time with social distancing, music, puzzles, and more. Please follow our Facebook page to see how we’re keeping all of our residents safe, supported, and healthy.


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