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5 Ways Assisted Living Helps Senior Caregivers Get Support

a senior woman and her daughter smile and sit together

Serving as the long-term caregiver for a loved one impacts you in many ways. In addition to the mental effects of stress, it can cause changes in your physical, emotional, social, and financial wellness too. Often, relieving some of the duties of caregiving is the answer. Assisted Living helps senior caregivers do just that.

You may decide your loved one would be best cared for by moving to assisted living for the long term. Or a short-term stay at assisted living might provide the respite you need. In any case, consider these five ways assisted living may help provide you with caregiver support.

1. Mental Support 

The effect of caregiving on mental well-being has been well studied. Because it causes ongoing stress, it puts you at risk for mental health conditions. If you’ve been a caregiver for an extended period of time, you may feel like you need mental relief.

Caregivers often have an endless list of worries or to-dos on their minds. Assisted living helps senior caregivers lighten this mental load. From medication reminders to healthy meals, assisted living takes care of these daily needs and gives you caregiver support. 

2. Physical Support

If your loved one needs a lot of help with daily tasks, it can be physically exhausting. Some caregivers may no longer be able to help lift or support their loved ones easily. Assisted living helps support senior caregivers by offering safe help with physical tasks.

Even more, fewer caregiver worries can benefit your health. You’ll have more time to focus on healthy living. The Family Caregiver Alliance says those who did fewer caregiving activities each day were more likely to report excellent or very good health.

3. Emotional Support

Caregiving goes hand in hand with a range of emotions. On one hand, you may feel a sense of satisfaction from helping care for your loved one. On the other hand, it’s normal to have negative emotions too. However, if you’re feeling sad, anxious, or angry most of the time, finding emotional relief is essential.

Assisted living helps senior caregivers gain a sense of peace. When their loved one gets the care they need, it lets them focus on the positive emotions of their relationship. Instead of constant worries or stress, they can find a renewed sense of love and joy.

4. Social Support 

The AARP reports 1 in 5 caregivers feel lonely. Many caregivers become so focused on their duties that they neglect other activities. It can be hard to find time to do what you once enjoyed.

With assisted living, your loved one has daily activities so that they stay connected and engaged. This gives you free time to renew connections too. Many caregivers find assisted living allows them to take up old hobbies, visit new places, and meet friends.

5. Financial Support

Finally, finances are a common area of stress for caregivers. In fact, the CDC says 1 in 4 caregivers said they had moderate or high financial strain because of their role. For instance, as a long-term caregiver, you may have missed work or left a job.

Some families may feel financial stress from trying to manage both their finances and their loved one’s finances. With one fee, assisted living can provide relief from these worries. You know ahead of time the set cost and what’s included.

Assisted Living Supports Your Loved One and You

At Autumn Leaves, we love helping seniors get the right care and providing caregiver support. We offer both long-term assisted living apartments as well as fully furnished apartments for short-term stays.

Contact us today to learn more about assisted living services at Autumn Leaves.